el matador,
a straw, double-pinch cowboy

item HS021-1016/VG


This straw beauty is perfect hanging out at the beach, running errands (in style!), you name it. Check out her double-pinch crown, and banked sides — lovely to look at, flattering to wear!

We worked with our silks artisan to bring you a double-dyed palette of rich robin's egg blues interlaid with mossy greens and golden kelpy to darkly rich browns. So beautiful! Hand-torn in our signature style, and layered with black silk ribbon and a black leather strip. Adorned in blackened sterling and yellow gold dc-signature beauty: our beloved, diamond-kissed butterfly charm; our pinwheel-style flower charm; several textural gold hoops; and additional gold wire stitchwork. Love!

  • El Matador, a designer straw hat in Vienna gold color dressed in hand-dyed silks, diamond-kissed jewelry, and gold hand-stitching.
  • Unique, stylish double-pinch crown.
  • Flatteringly banked side brims.
  • Yellow color with hints of green (called Vienna Gold).
  • Textile trimmings include our hand-torn, 2x ice-dyed silk in our robin's egg and moss palette; black grosgrain ribbon, twisted; and black leather strand.
  • Jewelry adornments include our classic, diamond-kissed butterfly charm in antiqued sterling silver (blackened sterling); a diamond-kissed five-petal flower, also in antiqued sterling; and six textural hoops in yellow gold.
  • Yellow gold wire and thread hand stitched accents on brim and crown.
  • Dominique Cohen silk liner.
  • Leather sweatband with the inspiration, "laugh and be happy"; custom wording absolutely allowed.
  • Lovingly, skillfully handmade in USA (in Los Angeles, California).

We enjoy talking hats — and jewelry — with clients. Let's customize a hat just for you — the shape you love (perhaps that best suits your bone structure), the color, the textile and jewelry accents, the level of distressing, the inscription… you name it, and we'll design the rest into your personal, wearable work of art. Just ask.

Your hat size.

Determining your hat size is so easy: Run a tape measure (or string) around the circumference of your head an inch or so above your ears, leaving just enough wiggle room to fit your finger between your head and the tape/string. If using a tape measure, there's your hat diameter (see below); if you use a string, piece of ribbon, or similar, then compare with a ruler (or use a phone app) to see the length value. Or, message us and we'll help you with sizing — or with designing your dream hat!

Caring for your baby.

We created your hat with love. Show her a bit of love in return, and she'll last and last.

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