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a sloped fedora

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  • A sloped fedora.
  • Crisp, flat traditional brim.
  • In felt, color anthracite.
  • Trim includes blackened beaded chain below beautiful rich brown ribbon atop double-ice-dyed silk atop hand-distressed ribbon in golden salmon.
  • Jewelry includes our signature diamond-kissed dragonfly in 18k rose gold; our chevrons in champagne diamonds nestled in rose gold; and blackened sterling and gemstone floral pieces.
  • Inspirational message "trust the universe" (see photos).
  • Stamped with issue number (of 10 — yep, we only make 10 of any limited edition hat design!)

Your hat size.

Determining your hat size is so easy: Run a tape measure (or string) around the circumference of your head an inch or so above your ears, leaving just enough wiggle room to fit your finger between your head and the tape/string. If using a tape measure, there's your hat diameter (see below); if you use a string, piece of ribbon, or similar, then compare with a ruler (or use a phone app) to see the length value.

Or, message us and we'll help you with sizing — or with designing your dream hat!

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