santa barbara,
a straw telescope

item HS022-1022/SB


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Dominique Cohen
santa barbara,
a straw telescope

A crush-worthy boho beauty in a year-round, versatile hue.

  • Santa Barbara, a straw hat with telescope-style crown adorned in boho floral motif of lavender embroidery, 18k yellow gold jewelry, and yellow gold hand-stitched wire accents.
  • Telescope crown, short-stack style.
  • Hand-shaped hat made of natural straw in all-season eggplant.
  • Textiles include grosgrain ribbon in dark eggplant — distressed and lightly burned around the crown, non-distressed as brim trim.
  • 18k yellow gold jewelry includes our popular buddha rounds.
  • Yellow gold wire hand stitching.
  • Dominique Cohen silk liner.
  • Leather sweatband with the inspiration, "love & light"; custom message absolutely available upon request.
  • Lovingly, skillfully handmade in USA (California).

Custom motifs and palettes (custom everything) absolutely available: We love talking hats — and jewelry — with clients. Let's customize a hat just for you — the shape you love (perhaps that best suits your bone structure), the color, the textile and jewelry accents, the level of distressing, the inscription… you name it, and we'll design the rest into your personal, wearable work of art. Just ask.

Your hat size.

Determining your hat size is so easy: Run a tape measure (or string) around the circumference of your head an inch or so above your ears, leaving just enough wiggle room to fit your finger between your head and the tape/string. If using a tape measure, there's your hat diameter (see below); if you use a string, piece of ribbon, or similar, then compare with a ruler (or use a phone app) to see the length value. Or, message us and we'll help you with sizing — or with designing your dream hat!

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