a classic fedora

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Dominique Cohen
a classic fedora

  • Yosemite, a beautiful classic fedora (almost!).
  • Unique (awesome!) pinched front brim.
  • In felt, color ash grey.
  • Trim includes our popular delicate beaded pavé chain in 18k rose gold, plus two rounds of terra cotta silk atop our custom double-dyed silk in pewter atop hand-distressed pale blue ribbed ribbon. Love!
  • Jewelry includes our crescent moon in 18k rose gold kissed with bezel-set champagne diamonds; our signature diamond disc, textured a bit more heavily for this use and also in 18k rose gold kissed with a champagne diamond; multiple textural rings; hand-stitched rose gold thread and wire accents. 
  • We inscribe the inner brim of this beauty with "salty but sweet".
  • Limited edition: We're making only ten of any of our limited edition hats, making each all the more special.
  • Stamped with issue number of ten.

Your hat size.

Determining your hat size is so easy: Run a tape measure (or string) around the circumference of your head an inch or so above your ears, leaving just enough wiggle room to fit your finger between your head and the tape/string. If using a tape measure, there's your hat diameter (see below); if you use a string, piece of ribbon, or similar, then compare with a ruler (or use a phone app) to see the length value. Or, message us and we'll help you with sizing — or with designing your dream hat!

Caring for your baby.

We created your hat with love. Show her a bit of love in return, and she'll last and last. Her felt, while naturally water resistant, is far from waterproof, so try not to let her get soaked. Excessive heat, too, can be tough on natural felt, causing it to constrict, meaning if must leave your hat in a parked car, best not to park in direct sunlight.

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