shop by color

Love yellows? Reds? Blues? You can shop Dominique Cohen designer jewelry by color to dive right to that perfect piece! Call the Beverly Hills store at 323-404-2959 for free one-on-one assistance.

color up!

color pop

basics to bespoke,
brighten your look (and day!) with color pop.

knockout neutrals

tone on tone sex appeal.
and white to silvery to gunmetal pearls and gemstones.
you know — beauties that go with everything!

tantalizing pinks, luscious peaches

from the soft pinks and peaches of morganite
to the more saturated hues of pink and champagne diamonds
to the bolder tourmalines and ombre spinel

sunsational yellows

Yellow diamonds, yellow pyrite, and more
in settings subtle to bold

gorgeous greens and teals

from classic emeralds to modern tourmalines,
bold opalescence to soft-tone aquamarine —
phrenite, beryl, green diamonds, too!

brilliant blues

apatite, sapphires, deep tone iolite, too.
sleeping beauty turquoise and blue topaz clear as a cloudless summer sky.
aquamarine, opals, and of course
blue diamonds, diamonds, diamonds!

sultry reds

Garnets, rubies
some delicate, some bold
some softly lit by champagne diamonds

perfect purples

diamond hues, mixed tourmalines,
classic amethyst, and more

bling, bling

white diamonds, black diamonds —
in rose, yellow, and black golds

sexy noir

contrast pop, sultry pop —
diamonds, white and black,
nestled into golds black, yellow, rose.

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